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Construction litigation often involves the allegation of a construction defect, which may be a patent defect or a latent defect, appearing years after the construction project has been completed. Construction defects can arise due to poor workmanship, substandard materials, soil or slope instability, or a number of other reasons. Determining the existence of a defect, understanding its cause, and identifying the responsible party can be a complex endeavor. Experience in construction litigation cases can be as important as general trial skills in successfully prosecuting or defending a construction defect case.

Capers, Dunbar, Sanders & Bellotti, LLP represents consumers and property owners as well as builders, contractors and subcontractors in cases alleging construction defects or design professional negligence or malpractice. The firm also handles other types of construction litigation, such as contract disputes over the scope of work and payment terms, including litigation involving payment and performance bonds, stop notices, and mechanics’ liens.