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Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation / Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Not every legal dispute is best resolved through courtroom litigation. Negotiations and mediation can sometimes settle a matter more quickly and with less expense than a trial. Moreover, through mediation and other forms of ADR, the parties are often more likely to compromise on a resolution that addresses the needs and concerns of all the parties involved. A mediated settlement is therefore more likely to be implemented and followed without the need for further legal or court intervention.

In addition to its advantages for a quicker and more economical resolution, mediation and ADR can be especially helpful when the parties are engaged in a long-term business or personal relationship that needs to continue beyond the current dispute. Even in a divorce, for instance, spouses with children may be dissolving their marriage, but they will still need to continue contact over the years as their children grow and mature through graduation, marriage, and other life events. A mediated divorce can allow the parties to end their marriage with dignity and mutual respect, in contrast to an emotional and protracted legal battle.