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Medical Malpractice

Capers, Dunbar, Sanders & Bellotti, LLP is one of the few firms in the area with the experience to handle the complex issues involved in cases alleging medical malpractice. These claims require an in-depth understanding of the standard of care required in a given field in order to determine whether that standard was met or fallen short of in a given instance. Particular attention must also be paid to issues of damages, statutes of limitations, and other factors, which often differ from the rules applied to general personal injury or other civil litigation cases. For these reasons, medical malpractice cases are best handled by attorneys with experience in the field who stay closely connected to the case through hands-on, personal attention.

Attorneys at the firm are capable of handling a wide variety of claims alleging medical malpractice, such as a missed diagnosis or wrong diagnosis, improperly written or filled prescriptions, unnecessary or botched surgery, foreign objects left in the body after surgery, or birth injuries to mother or child during delivery.